Arjuna’s Dilemma at Dallas Opera
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Arjuna’s Dilemma at Dallas Opera

Douglas Cuomo’s original opera Arjuna’s Dilemma was given a presentation this month at The Dallas Opera as part of the Opera America conference. The production was a slimmed down version from the original (BAM Next Wave 2008), but did include my original video projection design. There’s a nice write-up here in the Dallas News by Scott Cantrell – “Dallas Opera’s ‘Arjuna’s Dilemma’ realizes Hindu legend in a mix of Indian and Western musical styles”

Photo by Nathan Hunsinger

Pop Meets the Void on VOD
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Pop Meets the Void on VOD

Pop Meets the Void is now available on VOD.

Also, the 28 song soundtrack is available for streaming and purchase here:

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Orphée’s Return by Philip Glass

This is a recent collaboration with pianist Salome Scheidegger. We experimented with rehearsal footage of her performing Orphée’s Return by Philip Glass, shot by Bart Cortright.

Everyone’s Attention is available
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Everyone’s Attention is available

I’ve completed work on a new LP with Jeffrey Doto entitled Everyone’s Attention. We’ve released 3 EPs the past few years under the Boys & Murderers monicker (for the literary fans).

The album officially releases Sept 23rd. Stream it on Spotify or order it via Amazon and iTunes. If you’re super indie,  stream it on Bandcamp.

It’s 44 minutes of instrumental, electronic music. The songs were written and recorded in dedication to 8 Kickstarter backers of Pop Meets the Void who pitched in big to help fund the movie.

Pop Meets Post-Production
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Pop Meets Post-Production

After 3 months of production, 3 months of pre-production and almost 2 years of writing and development, my current film project Pop Meets the Void enters into post-production with over 30 hours of RAW footage to edit. I’m collaborating with Animator and Visual Effects Artist Jonathan Weiss to bring together elements we shot to create the multiple narratives of PMtV. Follow the film’s progress on Facebook and stay tuned for updates there. Visit the IMDB page and checkout our amazing cast and crew. Thanks for your support!

Revel featured on Soundcheck Blog
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Revel featured on Soundcheck Blog

My second video collaboration with Susan Marshall & Co. “Revel” premiered on WNYC’s Soundcheck Blog this week prefaced by the kind words of Digital Producer Michael Katzif – “Cusick’s rapid-fire smash cuts, intimate camerawork, and tight pacing allows us to follow the action and footwork up close and personal.”

Read the blog entry on Soundcheck’s site here and watch the video now. Photo of Kristin Clotfelter by Max Lankier.

Songs for Songs (short film)
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Songs for Songs (short film)

This short film is a prelude to my upcoming feature Pop Meets the Void. Please take 5 minutes and watch the short. If you like it and want to see more, head over to Kickstarter and back the feature film Pop Meets the Void until Oct 17. You can pre-order the feature, buy the screenplay, buy the soundtrack or get involved. Now’s the chance to be part of an exciting new independent film.

Collaboration with Susan Marshall & Co.
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Collaboration with Susan Marshall & Co.

Stop is live! The dance/music video STOP produced & choreographed by Susan Marshall with music by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lang is now online, so please check it out – and then go see the show Play/Pause at BAM or any of the various tour stops across the country.

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Pop Meets the Void is live

The new website for my next independent film project Pop Meets the Void is now online. Bookmark the site and stay updated on the film. We’ll be running a Kickstarter campaign starting in September, so please get involved and show your support. It’s going to be a fun project and a unique film!

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TEM (a mixtape)

Inspired by the lost writings of drifters, surfers and searchers studying the reversal of history through shipwrecked analogs. Tem is the accidental progress of scientists and technicians, composed by multi-generational mountain men in search of quiet. File under electronic / dance / digital house party.

Stream it or download at SoundCloud via this link.

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Pop Meets the Void

More songs for the film Musician Story (Pop Meets the Void) are on SoundCloud. Go ahead on over to Soundcloud and have a listen, imagine a film in your head.

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Salomes Envisage workshop

The presentations this week at Hostos were a huge success. We had the pleasure of presenting several months of development and progress to a very receptive gathering. Images and videos are online here and on Salome’s website.

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Salomes Envisage

I’ve been working on a new project with Salome Scheidegger and Marc Janowitz. We’re creating a unique cinematic concert experience that will be in development for the next several months. Images and updates coming soon.

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Musician Story (Pop Meets the Void)

Started work on more songs for my next film project, Musician Story. Made some great progress this weekend, and we’ll be ready to put together another EP in the coming weeks ahead of starting in on the film in 2012.

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Team Pegasus rises!

On our visit to Seattle, a group of us from TD took a stop off in Fremont to catch some music. We stumbled upon the Team Pegasus Mix Tape Release Party and had a blast. You should check out their mixtape over at bandcamp for some fresh tunes.

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New Music Video

The Brooklyn band Pacific Theater just released the first in a series of videos I directed for songs from their forthcoming album, Warm Light, releasing on Whale Heart in Sept 2011. The first two tracks of the album combine to create a 9 minute tour de force of dream-gaze pop. Check out the video here.

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Remixes For Songs EP

Songs For Songs has been remixed by the music producer Avenarius into something new and awesome. You can stream it on soundcloud here. It will be available for sale sometime soon.

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Songs For Songs EP

Jeff Doto and I recorded a six song EP.  It’s a work-in-progress for a soundtrack as part of a new script I’m writing.  If you want to hear the tracks, you can stream them on Soundcloud or Myspace.  You can get your own copy on iTunes, on eMusic, or on CDbaby.

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Hildur Gudnadottir

Without Sinking is on repeat.

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Olafur Arnalds

…and they have escaped the weight of darkness. This album is fantastic.  I really think you should spend some time with it.