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    Welcome to Nowhere (the film)

    Filming is moving along nicely!  We’ve shot 4 scenes, and we’re headed toward more in the coming weeks.  It’s exciting to see this production finally coming together after years of work on the stage production.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the film, check out the website here.  We’re still aiming for an early 2011 completion date to get it into a video installation format and also to get the feature length film version out to festivals all over the world.

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    R ii

    Experienced Mallory Catlett‘s radical interpretation of Shakespeare’s Richard II last night at 14 Wall Street.  The re-imagined site-specific (neo)history played out high above the country’s financial center (31st floor!) and featured a brilliant performance by Peter Blomquist as the king.  I’m looking forward to seeing future incarnations of this piece!

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    Horror Onstage

    Jason Zinoman continues his ongoing investigation of horror onstage in his most recent feature article for the New York Times.  The article features the new work The Little One by James Comtois, which has been garnering some very positive reviews!

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    Spoke on a panel today at NYU regarding the future of projection design.  A very exciting dialogue!  Looking forward to continuing it in years to come.  Thank you, Ellen!  Thank you, Arianna!  Thank you, Live Design.

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    An Instrument For The Measure Of Absence

    Addressing issues of loss, isolation and loneliness, spectators willingly enclose themselves in an ominous closet-like rectangular box. Alone in the dark, whispering voices invite the viewer to undergo the voyeuristic experience of peering through a small hole in the back wall of the box, where they experience measurements of emptiness, unreality and the void. The installation is presented inside a claustrophobic box structure. The work is based on Americana Kamikaze, a hybrid theater/cinema performance which premiered at Performance Space 122 in October 2009.

    Nouveaux Monstres Exhibition Website

    created by William Cusick & Kenneth Collins
    co-produced by Temporary Distortion, Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center (NYC), Arcadi (Paris), Maison des Arts de Creteil (Paris), and Le Manege (Maubeuge)

    NYC Opening:
    Harvestworks, 596 Broadway — Feb 13, 2009

    Presented in France:
    LILLE 3000, Lille — Sept 18 – Nov 8, 2009
    EXIT Festival, Paris — March 24 – April 5, 2009
    VIA Festival, Maubeuge — March 12-20, 2009
    Theatre Agora, France — April 9 – May 20, 2010
    Saint Nazaire, France — June 17 – Aug 15, 2010
    Toulouse, France — Feb 25 – March 10, 2011
    Seoul, Korea — Oct 11, 2014 – Jan 11, 2015

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    (bullet hole road)

    The work is based on Welcome To Nowhere, the hybrid theater/cinema performance by the experimental theater company Temporary Distortion, which premiered at The Chocolate Factory in October 2007.

    The installation is presented on a 8′ x 2′ wood surface, reminiscent of the projection screen for the stage performance.  Collaborators include director/designer Kenneth Collins, composer John Sullivan, costume designer TaraFawn Marek, and the performers Ben Beckley, Brian Greer, and Lorraine Mattox.

    Produced by Temporary Distortion
    Video Installation Design, Editing and 5.1 Surround Mix by William Cusick
    Physical Installation Design by Kenneth Collins
    Sound Composition by John Sully

    Presented in France:
    VIA Festival, Maubeuge — March 13-23, 2008
    EXIT Festival, Paris — March 27 – April 6, 2008

  • 07/12/06 Projects # ,

    What Kind Of Coffin Are You Building?

    Presented as part of the Fresh Meat Festival at The Chocolate Factory in 2006.

    Video Design & Installation by William Cusick
    Interactive Programming & Design by Ryan Holsopple

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