September 30, 2013

Reviews for Welcome to Nowhere

Reviews for Welcome to Nowhere

Watch it Now Pick! “Have you ever wondered what would happen if Gregory Crewdson, Sam Shepard, and Cory McAbee took mescaline at a roadside motel and got freaky with a video camera?” – Michael Tully, Hammer to Nail

8 out of 10! “By boldly mashing live action with motion graphics animation, Cusick establishes a universe that falls somewhere between the hyper-real and the unreal.” – Don Simpson, Smells Like Screen Spirit

“Welcome To Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) is a welcome addition to the realm of surrealist fantasy where each viewers subjective reality itself lends to the purposely subjective fractured narrative.” – Steve Rickinson, Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t

“A fever dream of a road movie!” – Rob Hubbard, 366 Weird Movies

“This used to be the stuff of cult classics.” – Kentucker Audley, No Budge

The film continues streaming for free on No Budge until Oct 18. The film has over 1000+ views in only 2 weeks, please give it a look before it’s gone.

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