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NYTimes Feature

The New York Times has a nice feature on Laurie Metcalf, the star of The Other Place by Sharr White (for which I designed the video projections). The article has insight into her acting technique and personal history with director Joe Mantello, as well many other interesting tidbits. A good read for a rainy Thursday morning.

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Bare: The Musical opens Off-Broadway

The new production of Bare: The Musical opened last night at New World Stages and runs through April 2013. I found a nice mention of the design at TowleRoad – “Seamless integration of mobile tech and digital media in both plot and design reflect the production’s keen understanding of their indispensible influence on how young people think about themselves and their relationships.” Thanks, Naveen!

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Interview with Donyale Werle

Theatermania’s David Gordon interviewed me and Donyale Werle regarding our designs for Bare: The Musical and you can read about it over on their website. I particularly like this quote he chose from our interview – “We speak and read in images now in a way that, fifty years ago, wasn’t necessary for theater. For a show like this, about images of self and identity, it is absolutely necessary.” Thanks for a great interview, David!

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From The Edge

The 2011 USITT Exhibition of cutting edge performance design by American theater artists is coming to NYC in a somewhat abridged, but nonetheless exciting format. The 36 productions representing the forefront of American Theater Design includes Temporary Distortion’s 2009 production Americana Kamikaze, which I designed and co-created with Kenneth Collins. The exhibition is happening at La Mama Galleria and includes examples from other unique works made by theater artists across the country. Ten days only December 6-16.

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bare press

The New York Times has a feature on bare: the musical this weekend, which details some of the history behind the show and where it’s headed with the current revival. If you’re in NYC this winter/spring, go see the show at New World Stages. It’s a uniquely compelling musical, read more here at the NYTimes.

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Hot Box @ The Chocolate Factory

I had the chance to catch the opening performance tonight of Brian Rogers and Madeline Best in Hot Box at The Chocolate Factory Theater in Long Island City. It’s a mind-bending physical conversation with robots, cameras and athletics as unique as it is inspiring – a brilliant counterpoint and complement to their 2010 performance piece Selective Memory. The entire run is already sold out but hopefully they add shows because more people need the chance to experience it. Absolutely go to see it if you can find a ticket.

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The Other Place at The Friedman

Manhattan Theater Club is taking our production of Sharr White’s The Other Place directed by Joe Mantello and staging it at the Samuel J Friedman Theater this winter. If you missed it at The Lortel last spring, start making plans to see it on Broadway this winter.

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Salomes Envisage workshop

The presentations this week at Hostos were a huge success. We had the pleasure of presenting several months of development and progress to a very receptive gathering. Images and videos are online here and on Salome’s website.

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TCG Performance Media Panel

I participated in an interesting panel at the TCG Boston Conference led by director Jay Scheib. Along with Helen Shaw, Mikeah Jennings and Marianne Weems, I presented examples of my work with Temporary Distortion involving integrated media as narrative/storytelling architecture and discussed techniques to encourage a more inclusive approach to the creation of stage productions involving video components.

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Rock the New Zealand!

Rasta Thomas continues to garner rave reviews and love from audiences and critics alike – this time in New Zealand as Rock the Ballet returns for a winter tour. My video design gets a shout from reviewer Lyne Pringle in her writeup for the New Zealand Theater Review website. And of particular awesomeness is the recognition of the animations for Bohemian Rhapsody – brilliantly animated by my associate Jonathan Weiss!

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Movies About Gladiators

Dustin Freeley, one of the founders of the film commentary website Movies About Gladiators, wrote up a critique of Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) and you can read it over at their site. It’s called A Savage Journey into the Heart of the American Road Movie and it’s a great investigation of the ideas at work in the film. We’re screening the film this Saturday night at 6pm as part of the LES Film Festival. It’s sold out, but look for more screenings soon.

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If you missed Newyorkland while it was on tour this past winter, you can now catch it online thanks to the incredible work of OntheBoards.tv. The show was filmed in high definition using 6 cameras and it just looks incredible. If you have 5 bucks and an hour you’d like to spend wisely, head over to their website and watch the show. If possible, I recommend buying the recording and streaming it to your big screen TV. This is some of the best documentation of live theater ever made, and it’s an incredible honor for us to have our work made available this way — twice now. Temporary Distortion’s 2009 production of Americana Kamikaze is available at OntheBoards.tv too if you click here!

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LES Film Festival Official Selection

Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) is an official selection at the 2012 LES Film Festival this coming March in New York City. More details to come soon, start making plans to come check it out. The festival runs March 6 – 18.

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I Love (The) New York (Times)

I read the NYTimes nearly every day and today was a particularly delightful read – catching a glimpse of a huge photo for Newyorkland above Jason Zinoman’s review. If you’re in town this week, next, or the week after, come see the show and get the NYPD experience.

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NYC Premiere of NYL

Temporary Distortion had the pleasure of presenting our newest work Newyorkland at the Baryshnikov Arts Center as part of Performance Space 122’s COIL Festival. It was a fantastic performance to start off a long run at BAC. I hope you can come by and see the show – we’re playing until Feb 4, 2012.

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Newyorkland coming to New York City

It’s a very exciting month in NYC as theater festivals across the city feature innumerable shows and performances by experimental artists from all over the world. Checkout what Jason Zinoman has to say about it in the New York Times. Or read Alexis Soloski’s analysis of the multimedia impact in the Village Voice. Temporary Distortion’s new production of Newyorkland is premiering in NYC this month as part of Performance Space 122’s COIL Festival at Baryshnikov Arts Center. And if you have time, read Jeremy Barker’s awesome interview with us about the show over at the digital epicenter of NYC contemporary performance, Culturebot.

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Musician Story (Pop Meets the Void)

Started work on more songs for my next film project, Musician Story. Made some great progress this weekend, and we’ll be ready to put together another EP in the coming weeks ahead of starting in on the film in 2012.

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Projection in American Theatre Magazine

There’s an interesting article in American Theatre Magazine this month about the prevalence (and permanence) of video integration in theater. I’m happy to have been mentioned by Kevin Cunningham at 3LD for my work on New Georges’ Dead City in 2006.

18/11/11 Blog

US Premiere of Newyorkland in Seattle

We had the honor of presenting the new Temporary Distortion production of Newyorkland for the first time in the US at On the Boards in Seattle last night to an amazing audience. Read what the Seattle press is saying here – Seattle Times, The Stranger, Crosscut

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World Premiere in Calgary

Very excited to be premiering NEWYORKLAND tonight in Calgary with Temporary Distortion. We’ve had some nice pre-opening press from the Calgary Herald and we’re hoping for good audiences. If you’re in town, come check out the show and join us for a drink afterwards.