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Trailer online for Newyorkland

Temporary Distortion has a new production headed out on the road this week! The trailer for the show is online here on the company’s page and here on my site, as well. Check it out and come see the show!

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Prelude 11

Temporary Distortion had the chance to show excerpts from our upcoming production Newyorkland at Prelude last night. It was exciting to finally put just a small part of the work in front of an audience, and to discuss it with the brilliant Gideon Lester.

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Der Andere Ort

I’m very excited that Sharr White’s The Other Place is opening at the National Theater of Mannheim in Germany next week, under the direction of Burkhard Kosminski. The production will be utilizing my original video design from the Off-Broadway production. Go check it out, if you’re in the area.

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Back in the Newyorkland

After two fun weeks in Providence, RI, I’m back in NYC ready for more NYL with TD. We’re hoping to have a video trailer online in the next week, so keep checking back.

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Broadway’s Best Of Times

Live Design Magazine recently featured The Coast Of Utopia as one of the best designs in Broadway history! Check out the list here on their website.

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Love in the Age of Mechanical Narcissism

Combined readings of Walter Benjamin and Christopher Lasch make for an interesting afternoon of thinking. Time passes, time is passing, time passes. Perhaps it’s better to consider the idea of Art instead of Love, though the idea of Self did cross my mind as well.

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Remixes For Songs EP

Songs For Songs has been remixed by the music producer Avenarius into something new and awesome. You can stream it on soundcloud here. It will be available for sale sometime soon.

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Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road)

Out in the desert this week with Jon Weiss, cruising along Route 66 gathering additional photography and video assets to complete the Temporary Distortion film. We have a packed schedule and 100+ degree weather to contend with… should be fun!

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Spotlight On LA | TCG

Spending the week out in Los Angeles with my TCG peers for an interesting week of conference activities and conversations. We’ve seen some shows at Radar LA and debated innumerable hot topics. Looking forward to Julie Taymor’s appearance on Sunday.

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Making great progress with Temporary Distortion this week on our new stage production, NEWYORKLAND. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on performances coming up soon. We’ll have some cool t-shirts and merch for sale soon, as well…!

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Tap Stars

Rasta Thomas‘ newest live show Tap Stars opens tonight in Hamburg at the St. Pauli Theater. I’ve directed and designed the video projections for this production with help of animators Jon Weiss and Josh Hardy and I’m incredibly happy with how it’s looking. I hope you get the chance to see it soon!

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Temporary Distortion will be in residence at Columbia University for several weeks this summer, in development for our next piece Newyorkland. Stay tuned for more details as this new work progresses.

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The Other Place nominated!

I’m thrilled to share the news that Sharr White’s play, ‘The Other Place’ directed by Joe Mantello (for which I recently designed the video projections) was NOMINATED for 3 LUCILLE LORTEL OFF-BROADWAY THEATER AWARDS for directing, acting, and sound design!  It’s fantastic news, and one day there will be a category for projection design…

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Opening Night of The Other Place

After a fantastic run of previews with great audiences and incredible performances by Laurie, Dennis, Aya, and John, the show officially opens tonight. I hope you get the chance to see it while it’s at the Lortel, it’s a captivating piece of theater – and one of my favorites that I’ve ever designed. MCC Theater produces the best new theater in NYC, without a doubt!

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ildi ! eldi

I spent some time with the French collective « ildi ! eldi » this past week, helping them document their great show Vice-Versa.  This trio is a super cool company, and when they come to your city do give them a look!

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Spent time with Jim Findlay and his new project Botanica, this week.  The show features Liz Sargent, Ilan Bachrach and Chet Mazur and it investigates sentience in plant life and much more.  It tickles the Tarkovsky bone in all of us.  Looking forward to the completed work!

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Songs For Songs EP

Jeff Doto and I recorded a six song EP.  It’s a work-in-progress for a soundtrack as part of a new script I’m writing.  If you want to hear the tracks, you can stream them on Soundcloud or Myspace.  You can get your own copy on iTunes, on eMusic, or on CDbaby.

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Selective Memory

I had the chance to experience Selective Memory at The Chocolate Factory Theater last night, here in Queens.  It’s a bold meditation on image, light, and movement by Brian Rogers and Madeline Best, and I highly recommend checking it out.

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Welcome to Nowhere (the film)

Filming is moving along! We’ve shot 4 scenes, and we’re headed toward more in the coming weeks. It’s exciting to see this production coming together after years of work on the stage production. If you’re interested in finding out more about the film, check out the website here.