The Perfect 46 / Johnny Express
20/06/14 Recommendations

The Perfect 46 / Johnny Express

The Lower East Side Film Festival is in its 4th year and continues to grow in immeasurably awesome ways, with an increasingly impressive slate of independent films. The two sci-fi films Johnny Express (animated short) and The Perfect 46 (narrative feature) were an impressive and complimentary pairing of comedy and dystopia. I strongly encourage you to watch Johnny Express on right now – it won best animated short at the LES Fest, and it’s a Vimeo Staff Pick for more than a few good reasons.

06/07/13 Recommendations

All the Memory in the World

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing filmmaker Bill Morrison for the upcoming issue of Chance Magazine. In reading his past interviews I stumbled across a mention of this 1956 gem by Alain ResnaisToute la mémoire du monde. Take 20 minutes and give it a look, it’s officially required viewing.