Americana Kamikaze (2009-2011)

Experimental Theater

“Mind-blowing video images and theatrical tension, a nightmarish pop aesthetic that deserves your attention.” -The New York Times

“Legitimately frightening… ravishing, cinematic video.” -TimeOutNY

Inspired by Japanese ghost stories, Americana Kamikaze is a hybrid of theater and cinema that explores the fluidity of space and time, the thin line between madness and reason, and the capacity for acts of extreme violence to transform otherwise unremarkable lives. During the performance, a constant stream of video is projected between the performers on a vertical screen that is part of the scenic architecture.

American and Japanese performers are doubled by video doppelgängers in an East meets West psychological horror story that fractures reality and narrative. Physically restrained and media-infused work that approaches a form of sculpture for the stage, Americana Kamikaze is performed in a claustrophobic, boxlike structure and lit with dynamic video projections of imagery and digital light.

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Video Direction & Design by William Cusick
Created by Kenneth Collins & William Cusick

World Premiere in Oct 2009 at Performance Space 122 in NYC
European Premiere in March 2010 at VIA & EXIT Festivals in France

New York Times Review by Jason Zinoman

Live Design Interview by Ellen Lampert-Gréaux

Official Production Website