I’m Gonna Die (2013)

Music Video

Performed by Future Wife
Conceived by William Cusick and Young Jean Lee
Directed by William Cusick
Shot & Edited by Bart Cortright
Produced by Young Jean Lee
Co-Produced by TaraFawn Marek

Future Wife is Michael Hanf, Andrew Hoepfner, Nicholas Jenkins, Benedict Kupstas, & Young Jean Lee
Words by Young Jean Lee
Music by Young Jean Lee & Tim Simmonds
Arrangements by Future Wife, Tim Simmonds, & Shannon Fields
Produced by Shannon Fields at The Run-In (Jordanville, NY) and The Isokon (Woodstock, NY)
Recorded & Engineered by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon (Woodstock, NY)
Additional electronics, keyboards, & synthesizers by Shannon Fields