Revel (2013)

Dance Film

In Play/Pause, an indie-rock-fueled evening of postmodern dance-theater, choreographer Susan Marshall couples her intimate, structured choreography with the seductiveness of pop culture to explore our complex relationship to the media we consume. The work features a commissioned score by David Lang—performed live by members of guitar quartet Dither and Mantra Percussion. Online music videos — choreographed by Marshall and set to the ecstatic sound of Brooklyn indie bands — set up and break down our expectations for popular dance. Their flesh-and-blood counterparts on stage then deliver a fragmented version of these dances, rendering them both more intimate and strange.

Produced by Susan Marshall & Company
Choreography by Susan Marshall
Direction, Cinematography & Editing by William Cusick
Production Design & Lighting Direction by Eric Southern

Dancers: Christopher Adams, Ching-I Chang, Kristin Clotfelter,
Luke Miller, Peter Simpson, and Darrin M. Wright

Music: “Revel in Contempt” by Buke & Gase from their album Riposte
by arrangement with Brassland