Welcome to Nowhere (2007-2011)

Experimental Theater

Part road movie, part fractured memory, part love story, Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road) is a hybrid of theater and cinema that explores the violence, sexuality and madness found at the heart of the American Road Movie.

During the performance, a constant stream of video is projected above the cast. In scenes of prolonged stillness, silence and impassivity, doppelgangers of the characters we meet onstage navigate a hyper-real cinematic landscape as if lost in a dream. These parallel narratives echo, reflect and refract each moment of the play.

The live performers’ softly spoken words are amplified by microphones that frame the claustrophobic, boxlike structure that surrounds them. Referencing filmic styles of performance, underplayed and restrained, they tell the story of a man who is haunted by his past, drifting across America.

Video Design & Direction by William Cusick
Created by Kenneth Collins & William Cusick

Premiered in 2007 at The Chocolate Factory in NYC
International Presentations 2008 – 2011

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