STOP is the idea is the thing
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STOP is the idea is the thing

The meta-pop-dance-video collaboration STOP I directed for Susan Marshall & Co. with music by David Lang is featured in The New York Times this week – ahead of the live production of Play/Pause arriving at BAM as part of The Next Wave Festival. Read the article and check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet, and then go to BAM and catch the live show before it’s off to another city.

Revel featured on Soundcheck Blog
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Revel featured on Soundcheck Blog

My second video collaboration with Susan Marshall & Co. “Revel” premiered on WNYC’s Soundcheck Blog this week prefaced by the kind words of Digital Producer Michael Katzif – “Cusick’s rapid-fire smash cuts, intimate camerawork, and tight pacing allows us to follow the action and footwork up close and personal.”

Read the blog entry on Soundcheck’s site here and watch the video now. Photo of Kristin Clotfelter by Max Lankier.

Collaboration with Susan Marshall & Co.
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Collaboration with Susan Marshall & Co.

Stop is live! The dance/music video STOP produced & choreographed by Susan Marshall with music by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lang is now online, so please check it out – and then go see the show Play/Pause at BAM or any of the various tour stops across the country.

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Hot Box @ The Chocolate Factory

I had the chance to catch the opening performance tonight of Brian Rogers and Madeline Best in Hot Box at The Chocolate Factory Theater in Long Island City. It’s a mind-bending physical conversation with robots, cameras and athletics as unique as it is inspiring – a brilliant counterpoint and complement to their 2010 performance piece Selective Memory. The entire run is already sold out but hopefully they add shows because more people need the chance to experience it. Absolutely go to see it if you can find a ticket.

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Rock the New Zealand!

Rasta Thomas continues to garner rave reviews and love from audiences and critics alike – this time in New Zealand as Rock the Ballet returns for a winter tour. My video design gets a shout from reviewer Lyne Pringle in her writeup for the New Zealand Theater Review website. And of particular awesomeness is the recognition of the animations for Bohemian Rhapsody – brilliantly animated by my associate Jonathan Weiss!

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Tap Stars

Rasta Thomas‘ newest live show Tap Stars opens tonight in Hamburg at the St. Pauli Theater. I’ve directed and designed the video projections for this production with help of animators Jon Weiss and Josh Hardy and I’m incredibly happy with how it’s looking. I hope you get the chance to see it soon!

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Selective Memory

I had the chance to experience Selective Memory at The Chocolate Factory Theater last night, here in Queens.  It’s a bold meditation on image, light, and movement by Brian Rogers and Madeline Best, and I highly recommend checking it out.