TEDx Metamorphosis
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TEDx Metamorphosis

I gave a TEDx Talk today about Virtual Reality & Theater and how the two mediums can and do intersect. The speech was part of the TEDx Jersey City Metamorphosis event.

Here’s the blurb:

“Virtual Reality and Theater: Simulacra and Simulation”
Theater has evolved, adapted and transformed to embrace new technologies for over 2,500 years. Virtual Reality, as both concept and technology, has been rapidly developing for the past 50 years and is now approaching a tipping point of accessibility. As the tools of VR creation become readily available to theater artists, questions emerge: How does a live performance medium wield VR as a storytelling tool? What are the possibilities for a wired audience? Can a simulation of live theater, outside of the live performance space, transcend its own theatricality? The histories of these two art forms are fundamentally connected and suggest many ways forward into the unknown.