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From The Edge

The 2011 USITT Exhibition of cutting edge performance design by American theater artists is coming to NYC in a somewhat abridged, but nonetheless exciting format. The 36 productions representing the forefront of American Theater Design includes Temporary Distortion’s 2009 production Americana Kamikaze, which I designed and co-created with Kenneth Collins. The exhibition is happening at La Mama Galleria and includes examples from other unique works made by theater artists across the country. Ten days only December 6-16.

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Movies About Gladiators

Dustin Freeley, one of the founders of the film commentary website Movies About Gladiators, wrote up a critique of Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) and you can read it over at their site. It’s called A Savage Journey into the Heart of the American Road Movie and it’s a great investigation of the ideas at work in the film. We’re screening the film this Saturday night at 6pm as part of the LES Film Festival. It’s sold out, but look for more screenings soon.

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If you missed Newyorkland while it was on tour this past winter, you can now catch it online thanks to the incredible work of OntheBoards.tv. The show was filmed in high definition using 6 cameras and it just looks incredible. If you have 5 bucks and an hour you’d like to spend wisely, head over to their website and watch the show. If possible, I recommend buying the recording and streaming it to your big screen TV. This is some of the best documentation of live theater ever made, and it’s an incredible honor for us to have our work made available this way — twice now. Temporary Distortion’s 2009 production of Americana Kamikaze is available at OntheBoards.tv too if you click here!

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LES Film Festival Official Selection

Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) is an official selection at the 2012 LES Film Festival this coming March in New York City. More details to come soon, start making plans to come check it out. The festival runs March 6 – 18.

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I Love (The) New York (Times)

I read the NYTimes nearly every day and today was a particularly delightful read – catching a glimpse of a huge photo for Newyorkland above Jason Zinoman’s review. If you’re in town this week, next, or the week after, come see the show and get the NYPD experience.

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NYC Premiere of NYL

Temporary Distortion had the pleasure of presenting our newest work Newyorkland at the Baryshnikov Arts Center as part of Performance Space 122’s COIL Festival. It was a fantastic performance to start off a long run at BAC. I hope you can come by and see the show – we’re playing until Feb 4, 2012.

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Newyorkland coming to New York City

It’s a very exciting month in NYC as theater festivals across the city feature innumerable shows and performances by experimental artists from all over the world. Checkout what Jason Zinoman has to say about it in the New York Times. Or read Alexis Soloski’s analysis of the multimedia impact in the Village Voice. Temporary Distortion’s new production of Newyorkland is premiering in NYC this month as part of Performance Space 122’s COIL Festival at Baryshnikov Arts Center. And if you have time, read Jeremy Barker’s awesome interview with us about the show over at the digital epicenter of NYC contemporary performance, Culturebot.

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World Premiere in Calgary

Very excited to be premiering NEWYORKLAND tonight in Calgary with Temporary Distortion. We’ve had some nice pre-opening press from the Calgary Herald and we’re hoping for good audiences. If you’re in town, come check out the show and join us for a drink afterwards.

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Trailer online for Newyorkland

Temporary Distortion has a new production headed out on the road this week! The trailer for the show is online here on the company’s page and here on my site, as well. Check it out and come see the show!

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Prelude 11

Temporary Distortion had the chance to show excerpts from our upcoming production Newyorkland at Prelude last night. It was exciting to finally put just a small part of the work in front of an audience, and to discuss it with the brilliant Gideon Lester.

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Back in the Newyorkland

After two fun weeks in Providence, RI, I’m back in NYC ready for more NYL with TD. We’re hoping to have a video trailer online in the next week, so keep checking back.

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Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road)

Out in the desert this week with Jon Weiss, cruising along Route 66 gathering additional photography and video assets to complete the Temporary Distortion film. We have a packed schedule and 100+ degree weather to contend with… should be fun!

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Making great progress with Temporary Distortion this week on our new stage production, NEWYORKLAND. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on performances coming up soon. We’ll have some cool t-shirts and merch for sale soon, as well…!

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Temporary Distortion will be in residence at Columbia University for several weeks this summer, in development for our next piece Newyorkland. Stay tuned for more details as this new work progresses.

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Welcome to Nowhere (the film)

Filming is moving along! We’ve shot 4 scenes, and we’re headed toward more in the coming weeks. It’s exciting to see this production coming together after years of work on the stage production. If you’re interested in finding out more about the film, check out the website here.

Horror Onstage
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Horror Onstage

Jason Zinoman continues his ongoing investigation of horror onstage in his most recent feature article for the New York Times. The article features the new work The Little One by James Comtois, which has been garnering some very positive reviews.